Aqualogis Saddle Valve 15mm


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Mains Water Clamp – Self Piercing Saddle Vavle for making 1/4″ Water Inlet connection

Water mains clamp is used as a water inlet saddle valve for connecting 1/4″ tube appliances to standard sized copper mains water pipe 15mm / 9mm. Perfect for connecting your RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filter or undersink water filter system, water cooler to the mains.

Advanges of a Self Piercing Clamp:

The self piercing mechanism of this Saddle Valve means that you can connect to the water mains pipe without needing to turn off the incoming water supply, or even cut into the pipe to add a connector. This clamp fits onto the pipe and will pierce the pipe neatly with its self piercing pin.

Box/Bag Includes

  • 1 Self Piercing Mains Water Valve / Clamp
  • 1 Easy to follow instructions

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 7 cm





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