GAGGIA CA6704 Cleaning Tablets 6pcs.


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Gaggia CA6704 cleaning tablets

GAGGIA CA6704 degreasing tablets are designed to perfectly clean and care for your espresso machine, guaranteeing professional-level cleanliness.
Regular use of GAGGIA CA6704 tablets ensures that every cup of coffee or espresso retains its full flavour, without unwanted greasy deposits.
When you choose GAGGIA CA6704 tablets, you are choosing a top quality product, created especially for discerning coffee lovers.
You will find up to 6 tablets in the pack, ensuring effective degreasing of your coffee machine for months of use.
Invest in the cleanliness and long-lasting performance of your espresso machine – bet on the proven brand GAGGIA and its professional degreasing tablets.

Product properties:

  • Effectively remove limescale deposits from the machine’s components.
  • Eliminate residues of coffee, fat, milk, bacteria and fungi.
  • They prevent the build-up of greasy dirt.
  • Proper maintenance of the coffee machine ensures its long and optimal performance.
  • Regular use gives optimum results.
  • Improve the performance and prolong the life of the coffee machine.
  • Protects the machine from overheating and costly repairs.
  • Ensure consistently the best taste of the beverages made.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: Gaggia
  • Model: CA6704
  • Capacity: 1g (weight of one tablet)
  • Number of pieces per set: 6

Important information:

  • The cleaning tablets are universal and can be used for any model of coffee machine.
  • Cleaning the coffee machine with tablets will not replace the descaling process.
  • For better effectiveness, systematic descaling is recommended.

Additional information

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