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MELITTA Perfect Clean Tabs 4 pcs.


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Melitta® Perfect Clean Tabs.
Gentle care for the best coffee enjoyment.

Every coffee lover knows how important it is to keep their coffee machine clean. That is why it is worth investing in Melitta® Perfect Clean Tabs cleaning tablets. These specialised tablets effectively remove coffee oils and fats from the brewer, ensuring that each subsequent cup is as perfect as the first. What’s more, because they are odourless, they do not affect the aroma of your favourite coffee. A simple and effective way to prolong the life of your coffee machine and maintain the highest quality of each brewed coffee. Convenient, individually packaged portions make use easy and hassle-free. Don’t wait, looking after your coffee machine has never been easier!

Product features:

  • Removal of grease and coffee oils.
  • Tablets are odourless.
  • Tablets are individually packaged for easy use.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: Melitta
  • Model: Perfect Clean Tabs
  • Capacity: 4 tablets (7.2g)
  • Number of units per set: 4 tablets

Important information:

  • Melitta® Perfect Clean Tabs cleaning tablets for automatic coffee machines enable thorough and hygienic cleaning of the coffee system in automatic coffee machines – they remove coffee oils and fats from the brewing unit.
  • They protect the perfect taste of the coffee and ensure a longer service life of the machine.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 8 cm





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