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Coffee Machine Descaler Aqualogis Verde For Delonghi DLSC500 Philips CA6700 LatteGo 1L


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Aqualogis Verde descaler 750ml

Aqualogis Verde is an innovative decalcifying liquid, created for those who value the long-lasting performance of their appliances. Its special formula not only effectively removes limescale, but also cares for the environment.

Your appliances will work more efficiently and you will be doing your bit for the planet at the same time. With Aqualogis Verde, you extend the life of your appliances and prevent costly repairs.

Choose an eco-friendly solution and take care of your appliances with Aqualogis Verde!

Product features:

  • Aqualogis descalers are safe for the delicate heat exchangers in espresso machines.
  • They do not cause damage and can therefore also be used in the most expensive coffee-brewing appliances.
  • Especially cheap and poor-quality descalers cannot be used.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: Aqualogis
  • Model: Verde
  • Capacity: 750ml
  • Number of pieces per set: 1
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Period of operation: Depends on the degree of decalcification of the appliance

Important information:

  • For use in capsule coffee makers, transfer coffee makers, espresso machines, sachet coffee makers, gas and electric kettles, vaporizers, steamers and steam irons.
  • Decalcification of coffee machines should be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In other cases, follow the instructions given.
  • For decalcifying the kettle, use diluted liquid and follow the instructions given.

Replacement for the following models:

  • 4SWISS: Modena A6, A7, A10,
  • Ariete: 1313/10, 138918, 1301, 1347,
  • Ascaso: Decalc,
  • Amica: CD4011, Espris CD1011,
  • Bosch: 00311864, TCZ6004,
  • Bugatti: 15-DIVAC6,
  • Delonghi: Eco Decalk DLSC500, 5513296041, DLSC200, 5513296011,
  • Gaggia: CA6700, CA6700/10, CA6700/99,
  • Jura: 61848, 70751,
  • Krups: F054, F054 00,
  • Lavazza: 18400049,
  • Melitta: Anti Calc,
  • Miele: 5626050,
  • Nespresso: 12282646, 5048-3,
  • Nescafe Dolce Gusto: Durgol,
  • Nivona: NIRK 703,
  • Philips: CA6700, CA6700/10, CA6700/99,
  • Saeco: CA6700, CA6700/10, CA6700/99,
  • Siemens: TZ80002N, TZ80002, 00311821, 311821,
  • Sage: SEC250,
  • Tassimo: TCZ6004,
  • Zelmer: ZCM7255, ZCM2150X, 13Z012,

* All brand names are the property of their respective owners. Brands mentioned are intended to show compatibility only.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 30 cm



4Swiss, Amica, Aqualogis, Ariete, Bosch, Bugatti, Delonghi, Gaggia, Jura, Krups, Lavazza, Melitta, Nespresso, Nivona, Philips, Saeco, Sage, Siemens


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