Miele 10178330 Descaling Tablets 6 pcs.


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Miele 10178330 – descaling tablets 6 pcs.

Don’t let limescale deposits limit the performance of your appliances! Our tablets effectively and safely remove limescale from a wide variety of appliances, ensuring they last longer. With regular use of the tablets, your coffee machines or kettles will work like new, ensuring the perfect temperature and taste of your drinks. Protect your appliances from bothersome limescale and enjoy years of trouble-free operation. Choose specially formulated tablets for optimal care of your equipment!

Product features:

  • Effective removal of limescale and deposits.
  • Easy to use: just one tablet and start the descaling programme.
  • Specially formulated to keep your appliance clean without chemical residues.
  • Reliable care for long-lasting equipment use.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: Miele
  • Model: 10178330
  • Type: Descaler tablets
  • Number of pieces in set: 6

Important information:

  • Tailored formula – Miele’s special formulation.
  • No chemical residues after descaling.

Fits models:

  • Coffee machines
  • Kettles
  • Steam cookers

Additional information

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Dimensions 2 × 8 × 12 cm





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