Set 2x Delonghi DLSC500 SER3018 500ml


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2x DeLonghi DLSC500, SER3018 EcoDecalk descaler, 500ml

Product Description

DeLonghi Coffee Maker Descaler is regular use. Descaling a coffee maker can be a real chore with just soap and water. To get coffee or espresso maker truly clean, enlist the help of DeLonghi descaling solution. Formulated to combat the toughest mineral deposits, the Delonghi coffee descaling solution will keep your machine brewing fresh-tasting coffee, month after month.

Safe for all DeLonghi coffee makers. Descaler suitable for coffee machines and espresso machines. Enough for 4 decalcifications. The bottle has a large 500 ml capacity.

  • Dissolves calcium deposits up to three times more efficiently and Faster than conventional decalcifies
  • The 500 ml packaging is sufficient for 5 decalcification processes
  • Regular use of De’Longhi ecodecalk ensures longer life and better energy efficiency
  • Suitable for all coffee machines
  • Code 5513296041
  • Code 5513296051

Box Contains

2 x 500ml coffee descaler

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 8 cm





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