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Set Aqualogis Decalc 6tab 4pk


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Aqualogis Decalc decalcification tablets

Product features:

  • designed for espresso machine brands such as Saeco, Philips, Siemens, Bosch, Nivona, Melitta, DeLonghi, Krups.
  • Safe for your machine, does not contain harmful substances.
  • They dissolve very easily in hot water without leaving a residue.
  • Aqualogis descalers are safe for the delicate heat exchangers in espresso machines and do not cause damage.
  • They can be used in the most expensive coffee brewing equipment.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: Aqualogis
  • Model: Decalc
  • Number of pieces per set: 24 pcs
  • Capacity: for 12 decalcification cycles (espresso machines)
  • Tablet weight: 16g
  • Country of origin: Germany

Important information:

  • Dissolve in warm water, not in hot water.
  • Rinse the appliance with clean water a minimum of 2 times after completing the decalcification process.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Store in a dry and cool place.
  • Recommended to contact the manufacturer if in doubt about the product.

Fits models:

  • 4SWISS: Modena A6, A7, A10
  • Ariete: 1313/10,138918, 1301, 1347
  • Ascaso: Decalc
  • Amica: CD4011,Espris CD1011,
  • Bosch: 00311864, TCZ6004
  • Bugatti:15-DIVAC6,
  • Delonghi: Eco Decalk DLSC500, 5513296041, DLSC200, 5513296011
  • Gaggia: CA6700, CA6700/10, CA6700/99
  • Jura: 61848, 70751
  • Krups: F054, F054 00
  • Lavazza: 18400049
  • Melitta: Anti Calc
  • Miele: 5626050
  • Nespresso: 12282646, 5048-3
  • Nescafe Dolce Gusto: Durgol
  • Nivona: NIRK 703
  • Philips: CA6700, CA6700/10, CA6700/99
  • Saeco: CA6700, CA6700/10, CA6700/99
  • Siemens: TZ80002N, TZ80002, 00311821, 311821
  • Sage: SEC250
  • Tassimo: TCZ6004
  • Zelmer: ZCM7255, ZCM2150X,13Z012

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 5 × 15 × 12 cm





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