Jura Coffee Machine Set – Aqualogis AL-Blue filter 3 pcs. + Jura Decalcification Tablets 9 pcs.


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Jura Espresso Machine Kit

Set includes:

  • Aqualogis AL-Blue filter 3 pcs.
  • Jura descaling tablets 9 pcs.

Aqualogis AL-Blue water filter

Replacement for Jura Blue filters with a hexagonal tip in the water tank, guaranteeing you get fresh, filtered water ideal for preparing tea and coffee.

Using a filter for your espresso machine is a barista’s secret to taking your coffee to a new level of perfection.

The filter ensures optimum water quality, which has a direct impact on the taste and aroma of every coffee you brew.

It also protects the coffee machine from limescale build-up, extending the life of the machine and guaranteeing trouble-free operation.

Regular use of the filter minimises the need for frequent cleaning and servicing of the coffee machine.

If you want to enjoy perfect coffee every day and take care of your coffee machine, the filter is an essential part of your coffee kit.

Product features:

  • The AL-Blue filter will filter the water, providing a delicate taste, ideal for preparing tea and coffee.
  • The Aqualogis filter should be changed after filtering 50 litres of water or every 2 months.
  • The filter protects the coffee machine from the damaging effects of limescale, ensuring a longer service life.
  • AL-Blue filters water in exactly the same way as the more expensive Smart.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: Aqualogis
  • Model: AL-Blue
  • Filter type: Water filter
  • Capacity: 50 l.
  • Period of operation: up to a maximum of 2 months from first use

Important information:

  • The AL-Blue filter can be installed in espresso machines (E6, E8, Z6, Z8) in which there is a dark grey Smart filter.
  • The AL-Blue does not have a microchip, so when the filter is installed, the coffee machine “does not see” it and indicates replacement or installation.
  • Deactivating the filter in the machine menu is necessary so that the coffee machine does not remind you to change the filter.
  • Correct installation of the filter in the water tank is crucial so that the filter holder does not block the closure of the tank lid.
  • All trademark names are the property of their respective owners and are only used to show compatibility.

Replacement for the following models:

  • ImpressaA Line: A1, A1 Piano, A100, A5, A7, A700, A9, A900
  • Impressa C – Line: C5, C50, C55, C60, C65, C70, C75, C9, C90, C Limited Edition
  • Impressa E – Line: E5, E10, E20, E25, E30, E40, E45, E50, E55, E60, E65, E70, E75, E80, E85
  • Impressa F – Line: F5, F50 1st gen, F50 Classic, F55 Classic, F7, F70, F8, F85, F9, F90
  • Giga Line: Giga 5
  • Impressa J – Line: J5, J10, J500, J7, J80, J85, J9, J9.2, J9.3, J9.4, J90, J95
  • Impressa X Line: XJ5, XJ6, XJ Profess.
  • Impressa Z – Line: Z5, Z7, Z9
  • Ena Micro – Line: ENA Micro 9 Aroma+, ENA Micro 90, ENA Micro 5, ENA Micro 1 Aroma+
  • ENA Line: ENA 3, ENA 5, ENA 7, ENA 9
  • Piano Line: Piano White 15171, Piano Black 15133

Jura Descaler Tablets 9 pcs. for Coffee Machines

Limescale is the biggest enemy of all automatic coffee machines. That’s why it’s worth taking care to protect them properly. When water is heated, limescale builds up which can affect the functioning of the machine and the taste of the coffee prepared.

Decalcification tablets are the key to long and trouble-free operation of your domestic appliances.

By using them regularly, you will prevent limescale build-up which can affect the performance and life of your appliances.

Each tablet not only protects against contaminants, but also improves the functioning of appliances such as coffee machines and washing machines.

Taking care of the internal cleanliness of your appliances also translates into the quality of the drinks you prepare and the clothes you wash.

Choose decalcification tablets and enjoy the perfect functioning of your appliances for a long time!

Product features:

  • Gentle descaling.
  • Protects your coffee machine from corrosion.
  • Optimum dissolving time of the tablet.
  • The descaling process consists of two phases.
  • Phase one focuses on effective descaling.
  • Phase two provides corrosion protection for the tubing and thermoblock.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: Jura
  • Model: descaling tablets
  • Number of pieces in set: 9 pcs.
  • Duration of use: Depends on the frequency of use of the coffee machine

Important information:

  • Limescale can affect the taste of the coffee and the performance of the machine.
  • The optimum development of coffee aroma can be impaired by limescale.
  • Regular descaling extends the service life of the coffee machine.

Fits models:

  • All models of Jura espresso machines

Additional information

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