Miele Coffee Machine Kit- Cleaning Milk System – Miele 10180270 7189920 100 pcs. + Decalcification Tablets 10178330 6 pcs.


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Miele Espresso Machine Set

Set includes:

  • Decalcifying Tablets – Miele 10178330 6 pcs.
  • Milk System Cleaning Tablets for Espresso Machine – Miele 10180270 7189920 100 pcs.

Miele 10178330 – Descaler Tablets 6 pcs.

Don’t let limescale deposits limit the performance of your equipment! Our tablets effectively and safely remove limescale from a variety of appliances, giving them a longer life. With regular use of the tablets, your coffee machines or kettles will work like new, ensuring the perfect temperature and taste of your drinks. Protect your appliances from bothersome limescale and enjoy years of trouble-free operation. Choose specially formulated tablets for optimal care of your equipment!

Product features:

  • Effective removal of limescale and deposits.
  • Easy to use: just one tablet and start the descaling programme.
  • Specially formulated to keep your appliance clean without chemical residues.
  • Reliable care for long-lasting equipment use.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: Miele
  • Model: 10178330
  • Type: Descaler tablets
  • Number of pieces in set: 6

Important information:

  • Tailored formula – Miele’s special formulation.
  • No chemical residues after descaling.

Fits models:

  • Coffee machines
  • Kettles
  • Steamers

Miele 10180270 7189920 – Milk System Cleaning Tablets

Keep your milk system clean and fresh with specialised cleaning tablets that effectively remove deposits and grease.
With our cleaning tablets, your milk beverages will always have a perfect taste and velvety texture.
Regular use of the tablets not only guarantees a longer life of your milk system, but also safety for your health.
The easy-to-use and fast-acting cleaning tablets guarantee a clean milk system in just a few moments.
By choosing our milk system cleaning tablets, you are investing in the quality, efficiency and excellent taste of every coffee with milk.

Product features:

  • Effective milk system cleaner for excellent hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Removes bacteria and guarantees effective disinfection thanks to its high-quality ingredients.
  • Reliability and safety assurance for your customers.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: Miele
  • Model: 10180270 7189920
  • Type: Milk system cleaning tablets
  • Number of pieces per set: 100

Important information:

  • Don’t risk compromising and trust this reliable milk system cleaner.
  • With Miele 10180270 7189920 your business will prosper.

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