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Set AL-S002 6pk, Delonghi DLSC550, Latteo250ml


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Coffee Machine Set For Delonghi 

Set include:

  • 6x Aqualogis AL-S002 compatible with Delonghi DLSC002
  • 1x Genuine Descaler Delonghi DLSC500
  • 1x Aqualogis Latteo compatible with Delonghi Milk Clean DLSC550

Aqualogis AL-S002 Compatible Water Filter 

Replace the models: SER 3017, DLSC002, 5513292811


  • Brand: Aqualogis 
  • Model: AL-S002
  • Product type: Coffee Machine filter
  • Capacity: 100 litres (250 cups)
  • Service Life: 2 months

For optimal results we recommend the water filter cartridge is changed regularly (at least every 2 months.)

  • Keep track of this easily and full instructions are included on how to change
  • Reduces limescale
  • Improves the quality of the coffee
  • Improves machine performance
  • Extends the working life of the machine
  • Helps to improve machine performance and efficiency by helping to reduce limescale build-up inside the coffee machine.
  • Helps to improve the taste and aroma of your coffee.
  • Can help to extend the life of the coffee machine.
  • Quick and easy to install.

Compatible with: ECAM and ETAM type bean to cup coffee machines and EC680 and EC800 series traditional pump coffee machines.

  • DeLonghi seria EC: EC820, EC840, EC850, EC860
  • DeLonghi seria ECAM: ECAM 21.117 Magnifica S, ECAM 22.110.Sb Magnifica S, ECAM 22.320.S Magnifica S Plus, ECAM 22.360.S Magnifica S Cappuccino, ECAM 23.210 Magnifica S, ECAM 23.420 Magnifica S, ECAM 23.450 Magnifica S, ECAM 26.465 Primadonna S Deluxe, ECAM 44.620 S Eletta Plus, ECAM 44.660.B Eletta Cappuccino, ECAM 45.760.W Eletta Cappuccino Top, ECAM21110SB, ECAM21110W, ECAM21210B, ECAM21210W, ECAM22110B, ECAM22110B, ECAM22110SB, ECAM22110SB, ECAM22110SB, ECAM23210B, ECAM23210SB, ECAM23210W, ECAM23240B, ECAM23420SB, ECAM23420SBL, ECAM23420SR, ECAM23420ST, ECAM23420SW, ECAM23450B, ECAM23450B EX, ECAM23450S, ECAM23450S EX3, ECAM23450SL, ECAM26455M, ECAM25462S, ECAM25462B, ECAM25462S, ECAM24450S, ECAM24210SB, ECAM23450SEX3, ECAM23450S, ECAM23450BEX3, ECAM23450B, ECAM23440SB, ECAM23427R, ECAM23420SBSW, ECAM23240B, ECAM23210W, ECAM23120SB, ECAM23120BSB, ECAM21117B, ECAM21110B, ECAM23450 SL, ECAM65075MS, ECAM65055MS, ECAM28465M, ECAM28465MB, ECAM45760W, ECAM23460B, ECAM23460S, ECAM44660B, ECAM44620S, ECAM25452B, ECAM22360B, ECAM22360S
  • DeLonghi seria ESAM: ESAM04.110.S – Magnifica, ESAM04.350.S – Magnifica Pronto Cappuccino, ESAM2600 – Magnifica Caffe Corso, ESAM4000B – Magnifica, ESAM4200.S – Magnifica, ESAM6620 – Primadonna, ESAM6700 – Primadonna Avant, ESAM6900 – Primadonna Exclusive, ESAM6900, ESAM6900M, ESAM69, ESAM6750, ESAM6700, ESAM67, ESAM6650, ESAM6620, ESAM6600, ESAM66, ESAM4200S, ESAM4500, ESAM4400, ESAM3400, ESAM2600 EX1, ESAM2200 EX1, ESAM 5450 EX1, ESAM 5400 EX1, ESAM 5600 S, ESAM 5500 T, ESAM04320S, ESAM04110S, ESAM04110B, ESAM03120S, ESAM03110S, ESAM3000B
  • DeLonghi seria ETAM: ETAM 36.365 Primadonna XS Deluxe, ETAM 36.365.MB Prima Donna XS, ETAM 36.365.M Prima Donna XS, ETAM36365M, ETAM36365MB, ETAM29660SB, ETAM29510SB, ETAM29510B, ETAM29620SB
  • DeLonghi seria SECAM: SECAM26455BLBBM, SECAM22110SB, SECAM21117BSB, SECAM21110BSB, SECAM22110B
  • EC800 Serie: EC820B, EC850.M, EC860.M
  • ESAM Serie: ESAM6900 – Primadonna Exclusive, ESAM6700 – Primadonna Avant, ESAM6620 – Primadonna, ESAM04.350.S – Magnifica Pronto Cappuccino, ESAM4200.S – Magnifica, ESAM04.110.S – Magnifica, ESAM4000B – Magnifica, ESAM2600 – Magnifica Caffe Corso
  • ECAM Serie: ECAM22.110.SB Magnifica S, ECAM22.320.S Magnifica S Plus, ECAM22.360.S Magnifica S Cappuccino, ECAM26.465 Primadonna S Deluxe, ECAM45.760.W Eletta Cappuccino Top, ECAM44.660.B Eletta Cappucino, ECAM44.620 S Eletta Plus
  • ETAM Serie: ETAM36.365 Primadonna XS Deluxe

How to replace water filter:

  • Step 1. Remove the water reservoir, discard any water and check that the reservoir is clean. 
  • Step 2. Remove foil from the filter and immerse the filter in the water for 5 minutes
  • Step 3. Shake filter gently few times before installation.
  • Step 4. Place the Aqualogis AL-S002 water filter in the reservoir. Push it all the way in with a slightly rotating motion.
  • Step 5. Fill the water tank with clean drinking water and place it back in the machine. 
  • Step 6. Flush through the machine and discard the water.

Genuine Descaling Descaler DeLonghi DLSC500, SER3018 EcoDecalk  500ml


  • Brand: Delonghi
  • Model: DLSC500 Eco Decalc
  • TypeDecalcifying Liquid
  • Quantity: 500 ml
  • Country of Manufacture: Italy

Product Description

DeLonghi Coffee Maker Descaler is regular use. Descaling a coffee maker can be a real chore with just soap and water. To get coffee or espresso maker truly clean, enlist the help of DeLonghi descaling solution. Formulated to combat the toughest mineral deposits, the Delonghi coffee descaling solution will keep your machine brewing fresh-tasting coffee, month after month.

Safe for all DeLonghi coffee makers. Descaler suitable for coffee machines and espresso machines. Enough for 4 decalcifications. The bottle has a large 500 ml capacity.

  • Dissolves calcium deposits up to three times more efficiently and Faster than conventional decalcifies
  • The 500 ml packaging is sufficient for 5 decalcification processes
  • Regular use of De’Longhi ecodecalk ensures longer life and better energy efficiency
  • Suitable for all coffee machines
  • Code 5513296041
  • Code 5513296051

Aqualogis Latteo Coffee Machine Milk Cleaner Latteo Cappucino Frother Cleaner

  • AQUALOGIS Milk Frother Cleaner Latteo – Highly concentrated special detergent with strong cleaning effect,
  • For coffee machines – milk frother devices – cream dispensers.

Compatible with:

  • Jura Milk cleaner
  • Krups: XS9000
  • Delonghi: DLSC550
  • Philips: CA6704

Mixture: Mix 25ml of Cleaner Latteo with 500ml of water, allow to work briefly, then rinse well with water.

             Superautomatic coffee machine: add 25ml to the container and click milk cleaning on your coffee maker.

  • Brand: Aqualogis
  • Model: Latteo
  • Type: Milk Cleaner
  • Capacity: 250ml for 10 doses
  • Origin: Germany

Please also refer to the operating instructions of your device.

*All trademarks remain the property of their respective holder(s) and are used for compatibility information only. 

DE’LONGHI is a registered trademark of De’Longhi Appliances S.r.l. (Italy). *All trademarks remain the property of their respective holder(s) and are used for compatibility information only. 

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 25 cm





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