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DELONGHI DLSC002 (original)


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DLSC002 water filter for DeLonghi coffee machines

Genuine DeLonghi DLSC002 water filter for DeLonghi brand pressure coffee machines. The SER3017 filter was replaced by the DLSC002 filter in 2013.

Product features:

  • Requires regular replacement, ensuring excellent coffee quality and protecting your coffee machine from limescale.
  • Please contact DeLonghi if you have problems installing the filter, as there are currently no alternative filters available.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: DeLonghi
  • Model: DLSC002
  • Capacity: Approximately 400 cups
  • Service life: Up to a maximum of 2 months from first use

Fits models:

EC800 Series

  • EC820B, EC850M, EC860M

ECAM Series

  • ECAM21110SB,ECAM21110W,
    ECAM21210B, ECAM21210W, ECAM 22.110.B ECAM22110B, ECAM22110B,
    ECAM22110SB, ECAM22110SB, ECAM22110SB, ECAM23210B, ECAM23210SB,
    ECAM23210W, ECAM23240B, ECAM23420SB, ECAM23420SBL, ECAM23420SR,
    ECAM23420ST, ECAM23420SW, ECAM23450B, ECAM23450B EX3, ECAM23450S,
    CAM23450S EX3, ECAM23450SL, ECAM26455M, ECAM25462S, ECAM25462B,
    ECAM25462S, ECAM24450S, ECAM24210SB, ECAM23450SEX3, ECAM23450S,
    ECAM23450BEX3, ECAM23450B, ECAM23440SB, ECAM23427R, ECAM23420SBSW,
    ECAM23240B, ECAM23210W, ECAM23120SB, ECAM23120BSB, ECAM21117B,
    ECAM21110B, ECAM23450 SL, ECAM65075MS, ECAM65055MS, ECAM28465M,
    ECAM28465MB, ECAM45760W, ECAM23460B, ECAM23460S, ECAM44660B, ECAM44620S,
    ECAM25452B, ECAM22360B, ECAM22360S, ECAM 550.55.SB, ECAM350.55.B, ECAM

SECAM Series


ETAM Series

  • ETAM 36365M, ETAM 36365MB, ETAM 29660SB, ETAM 29510SB, ETAM 29510B, ETAM 29620SB, ETAM 29660SB,

ESAM Series

  • ESAM6900,
    ESAM6900M, ESAM69, ESAM6750, ESAM6700, ESAM67, ESAM6650, ESAM6620,
    ESAM6600, ESAM66, ESAM4200S, ESAM4500, ESAM4400, ESAM3400, ESAM2600 EX1,
    ESAM2200 EX1, ESAM 5450 EX1, ESAM 5400 EX1, ESAM 5600 S, ESAM 5500 T,
    ESAM04320S, ESAM04110S, ESAM04110B, ESAM03120S, ESAM03110S, ESAM3000B.
  • Dinamica Plus 
  • Dinamica 
  • Magnifica S 
  • PimaDonna Class
  • PrimaDonna Elite 
  • PrimaDonna Exclusive 
  • PrimaDonna S Evo 
  • Autentica 
  • Eletta 

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 cm





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