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Milk System Cleaning Tablets – Aqualogis Latteo 5 pcs.


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Aqualogis Latteo Cappuccino Circulating / Milk System Cleaning Tablets

Designed for the cleaning of espresso machines, guaranteeing that your machine remains fully operational.

Protects sensitive materials and keeps the components of the milk frothing system clean for a long time.

Coffee lovers! If you want to enjoy the great taste of your favourite beverages and prolong the life of your espresso machine, reach for our specialised milk system cleaner.

Regular use of this product guarantees delicious and aromatic coffee with every use. It ensures that milky drinks, such as cappuccinos and lattes, always have the perfect consistency and taste.

The liquid effectively removes milk deposits and residues, ensuring hygiene and a long-lasting milk system. Take care of your coffee machine and choose the best solutions!

Product properties:

  • Protects sensitive materials, ensuring long-lasting cleanliness of milk frothing system components.
  • Cleans and degreases all parts in contact with milk.
  • Removes milk deposits, fat, proteins and bacteria from the milk dispensing system.
  • Helps keep your machine in full working order.
  • The suitable chemical composition of the detergent guarantees thorough cleaning of the coffee machine from fat residues in the milk frothing process.
  • Operating the coffee machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions guarantees a long service life and delicious coffee.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: Aqualogis
  • Model: Latteo
  • Capacity: 5 pcs.
  • Period of operation: 5 cycles

Important information:

  • High-quality espresso machines of every brand have a built-in self-cleaning and descaling programme.
  • The degreaser in tablet form is universal for any espresso machine.

Replacement for the following models:

  • Jura Milk cleaner
  • Krups: XS9000
  • Delonghi: DLSC550
  • Philips / Saeco / Gaggia / Lavazza: CA6705

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 1 × 10 × 15 cm



Aqualogis, Delonghi, Krups, Philips, Saeco


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