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PureDrop PD020B Fridge Filter Compatible with Samsung Aqua-Pure DA29-00020B HAF-CIN/EXP 2 pcs.


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PureDrop PD020B Filter for Samsung refrigerators

Product features:

  • The filter fits in different locations depending on the refrigerator model.
  • Replacement for the original Samsung DA29-0020B HAF-CIN/EXP filter.

Product information:

  • Manufacturer: PureDrop
  • Model : PD020B
  • Filter type: Refrigerator filter
  • Capacity: 1,136 l.
  • Number of units per set: 2
  • Operating temperature: min 0.6°C / max 38°C
  • Operatingpressure: min 138 kPa (20 psi) / max 862 kPa (125 psi)
  • Service life: max 6 months (after installation)

Important information:

Removes the following substances from water:

    • Lead: 99.90% at pH 8.5
    • Mercury: 96.60% at pH 8.5
    • Asbestos: 99.92%
    • Benzene: 89.60%
    • P-Dichlorobenzene: 99.90%
    • Cysts: 99.99%
    • Carbofuran: 98.70%
    • Chlorine: 97.00%
    • Unpleasant odour and taste: 97.00%
    • Turbidity: 99.10%
    • Impurities (Class I): 97.60%

Replacement for the following models:

    • DA9708006A, DA29-00020A, DA29-00020B, DA99-02131B, DA-97-08006A, DA-97-08006B DA-97-08006A-B, DA29-00019A, DA29-00020A, DA29-00020B, DA2900019A, DA2900020A DA2900020B, DA97-08006A-B, 46-9101, 4609101000, 469101 9101, HAF-CIN, HAF-CIN-EXP HAF-CINEXP, HAFCIN, Samsung DA29-00020B, DA29-00020B-1, DA29-00020A/B, HAF-CINS, HAF-CIN, HAF-CIN/XME, DA97-08006A-1, DA97-08006B, DA9708006A-E, Kenmore 469101,9101, Tier1 RWF1011, DENALI PURE WF-DA29-00020B, Crystala CF7,  Pureza PF7, One Purify RFC0700A, Aqua Fresh WF294, Fette DWF-7, Refresh R-9101, HDX FMS-2, EcoBlueLife EBL7800, AQUA CREST AQF-DA29-00020B, Water Drop WD-DA29-00020B, Pure Line PL-200, Water Fall WFC1401, Mist CWMF021, RWF0700A,  Ecoaqua EFF-6027A. AQUA BLUE AB-5698. ICEPURE

* All brand names are the property of their respective owners. The brands mentioned are intended to show compatibility only.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 30 cm





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