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Set Fridge Filter DD-7098 (genuine) 2 pcs.


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Fridge Filter – DD-7098 (Original) 2 pcs.

The DD7098 water filter is a universal solution compatible with many fridge models, making it a practical choice for a variety of households. Its installation is simple and its long life and cost effectiveness make it a worthwhile investment in cleaner and healthier water. In addition, the filter effectively purifies water for better tasting and better quality drinking water.

Product features:

  • Genuine DD7098 water filter designed for two-door refrigerators.
  • Use either behind the fridge or under the sink on the hose.
  • Compatible with many manufacturer numbers including 3010541600, 3019974100, 3019974800.
  • Product information:

  • Manufacturer: suitable for many brands.
  • Model: DD-7098.
  • Filter type: Water filter.
  • Capacity: 2000L.
  • Operating temperature: 0.6-38 C.
  • Operatingpressure: Maximum 125 PSI (862 kPa).
  • Dimensions: Height 29.3 cm, diameter 5.5 cm.
  • Important information:

  • Make sure your fridge is compatible with this model of external filter.
  • Some fridge models may require different filter types.
  • Fits models:

  • Bosch: KAN58A10-e, KAN58A40-e, KAN58A50-e, KAN58A70-e, KAN58P90-e, KAN58P95-e, KAN58xxx-e, KAN60A40-e.
  • Neff: K3940X6-e, K3950X6-e, K3970X6-e, K3990X6-e, K3990X7-e, K3990xx-e.
  • Siemens: KA58NA10-e, KA58NA40-e, KA58NA70-e, KA58NP70-e, KA58NP90-e, KA58NP95-e, KA58xxxx-e, KA60NA40-e.
  • Additional information

    Weight 0.7 kg
    Dimensions 10 × 30 × 30 cm

    Banseok Puritec Ltd




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